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Overseas Events Expo,
We Make Memorable Celebrations.

Based in Dubai, Overseas Events Expo is a company that embraces life within you. Our aim is to create an experience that goes beyond your expectations.

We are a one-stop-shop; fully equipped and ready to produce a wide range of events from conception to completion. Fueled by passion and BIG ideas, we provide customized, strategic event experiences where guests connect with our clients’ brands and products in ways that are personally relevant and memorable.

Our team ensures that every event is a memorable celebration by combining inspirational ideas with practical solutions.


We believe that in today’s world there is no place for mediocrity. One needs to stand out to be seen or heard. Thus, we strive to think out of the box and come up with ideas that are imaginative, novel and trend-setting.

Furthermore, our thirst to try out new things, allows us to innovate on-the-fly. Clients appreciate how we try to get in new angles of thought and execution in the smallest details of an event.

Why Choose Us?

Event Planning + Management

Our in-house design team works closely with our clients and event team to ensure that the entire event has a comprehensive feel. We offer decor rentals, design services and floral design to each of our clients. We have a large selection of decor and the resources to rent any decor items your event may need. Instead of hiring an event planner and a designer we bring you the best of both worlds..

Registration + Event Staffing

Instead of using employees or volunteers to run registration and help at an event we offer staffing to cover every need for event. Including registration management, event staff, event security and even name-badge printing. We offer all of this in addition to our event planning and decor management packages.

Focused Client Interaction

Single point of contact: one project manager will control and manage your event from initial brief right through to their presence on the day of the event.

Measurable Business Results

We understand that like any business initiative, events must deliver to specific objectives. We’ll work with you to make sure you achieve your goals, such as number of delegates attending your event, sales leads generated, productivity increases (for staff events) and other measurable outcomes you need to demonstrate value.

Focus on Efficiency

We can leverage our years of experience in global event management to advise you on the most effective techniques, venues and programs to maximize impact and save you money. When involved early enough in the event planning process, we can work with you to leverage your organization’s buying power to drive lower costs and higher service levels from suppliers around the globe.


Overseas Events Expo has built a strong reputation in the market, providing members and clients with a superior service. We have developed a strong customer service charter, providing members with timely responses and a welcoming and helpful attitude. We ensure that our members are valued and regular communication has always been vital to the growth of our own membership, as well as our clients.

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